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If you are a member of Earthly Essentials ~ The Community, spring cleaning your life is a topic that we addressed in our Saturday Coaching Sessions in order to enhance the growth we have been working toward. If you are not a member, I encourage you to head on over to join in on many more in-depth topics of holistic health, wellness, and self-awareness & growth with a community of empowering individuals.


We’ve taken a lot of time focusing on strengthening many areas of the mental health aspect of your wellness journey. However, you can prepare and make positive changes as much as you can. Yes, you will see great improvements, however, there is still one crucial step in your journey to ensuring that you get the most out of your efforts.

Spring Cleaning Your Life is Critical!

What do you do when you spring clean your life once a year? You declutter and clear out all of the unnecessary stuff. All of that clutter that causes stress and negative- you do away with it. If you do this for your house, are you doing this in your life?

How can you spring clean your life?

Just as you would your house, you need to address every area of your life and decide what is needed and what can go. This includes your physical self, mental self, spiritual self, and even your social self (which is the outer part of your life- family, friends, work, financial, etc.). To do this, you want to ask yourself about everything, every situation, every person, every thought, goal, and more; every single area of YOU! In doing this, you must deeply and honestly analyze these things and ask yourself “Can I live without this in my life? Is it affecting me negatively or positively? Is this working for me?”

Clutter is limiting!

In your life, clutter can be thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, or even some people that are in your life. You need to view it all and really address it all, then ask yourself “Where can I clear the cobwebs from? Where can I lift  weight and make room in order to live more simply and happily?”

Clutter becomes distracting!

The buildup of the unnecessary clutter that accumulates in life often leads to a lack of motivation. And this lack of motivation makes achieving your goals more difficult because the clutter becomes a blockade. Not just a blockade from reaching your goals, but a blockade to truly understanding yourself. This clutter gets in the way and distracts you from yourself, your dreams, your passions… it takes attention and happiness away from your life, work, school, and family.

Eventually, this can lead to bad habits

Life clutter is like a bad influence. What you surround yourself with will influence you. So are you surrounding yourself with things- people, feelings, actions- that bring positivity into your life? This unnecessary clutter can turn into bad influences in your life because you begin to start putting yourself, your goals, and your dreams on a back burner.

Oh, I’ll do it next week. I’ll have time then, this is just a busy week.

These are the kinds of phrases that may pop into your mind often if you have an excess of clutter. It becomes a habit of putting yourself and your needs and your journey aside. Unnecessary clutter causes you to make excuses.

Clutter also causes stress

We’ve talked often about stress management and spring cleaning your life is just another part of your stress management. Just like life clutter, stress weighs you down. And when you have clutter and stress weighing heavy on you, you experience double the negative that your life just doesn’t need and that you don’t deserve. Stress, in itself, has a wide variety of health problems that occur- poor sleep, less motivation, anxiety, depression… these are just a few. So avoiding unnecessary stress can be done, in part, by eliminating unneeded things in life.

The positives to spring cleaning your life

  • Increased motivation
  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Increase in real, attainable goals that align with your passions
  • Set better intentions
  • Less negative influences
  • More positivity and happiness
  • Provides a greater sense of peace
  • Focus more on your dreams, your priorities, and hobbies
  • You make time for all of the things that you didn’t “have” time for before because your mind was everywhere else!

Spring cleaning your life is important!

This requires that you set aside some time where you can sit in peace and really assess yourself and everything in your life. Before you can successfully tackle where you want to be and how you will get there, you must weed out the negative clutter. Ask yourself “What needs to go?”

Maybe you say “I am going to eat better.” Okay, great! But when setting goals that need to be done, what things need to be let go?

You need to view spring cleaning your life as a way to declutter what limits your success!

The freedom of decluttering is that it allows you to put your newfound energy and focus into what you really want. Your goals become more attainable. Your happiness becomes a priority. And things that you thought there wasn’t time for becomes do-able. Decluttering gives you back your time and mental capacity to follow your passions and enjoy life. You will have time for YOU.

The deep analysis is often the most difficult

It requires that you be brutally honest with and about yourself. This isn’t always easy. It isn’t easy to recognize and accept the negative about our lives. It is even more difficult when it is our own faults that we must acknowledge, accept, and change. As you move through this assessment remember to ask yourself “what is this thing doing for me? Is it positive?” because if you cannot find a positive aspect to anything in your life, then that isn’t something that has a place in your life. 

My gift to you…

I want you to get the most out of your healing and wellness journey. I want your life spring cleaning to be successful! And to help you along with this decluttering, I have created a Spring Cleaning Assessment! This requires no subscription; it is a free downloadable printable create simply to assist you in evaluating what is working and what is not.

After completing this assessment, give yourself a day or two to come back, go over your answers, and discover where your negative is. Once you do that, brainstorm ways to turn your negatives into positives.

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