Free Education

Education on essential oils and holistic health & wellness is the most important thing that I can offer you!

By the Earthly Essentials Facebook group, Healing Foundations, you have access to an incredible community of individuals who are focused on improving health and wellness with small changes. Here you have access to wellness live videos & group coaching sessions, goal-oriented discussions, challenges, and so much more!

Also, sign up on the right >>> to be informed of all events, classes, webinars, and must-know updates.

Signature Online Program

This signature program is offered two ways: self-paced and guided on a 8-week coaching protocol that focuses on providing you with the building blocks to reduce symptoms of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression in order to achieve mental healing & an improved quality of life

Self Paced:

Offers you everything involved in my 4A protocol for your mental healing journey at the convenience of working the method at your own pace. You will have all videos and worksheets at your fingertips while being able to move through the content at a speed that works best for you.

8-week Coaching Protocol:

Gives you step-by-step coaching through my 4A protocol for your mental healing journey. This 8-week coaching program offers you access to all training videos and worksheets but includes an interactive Facebook page with a community of like-minded individuals working on a journey similar to yours. In addition, there are weekly coaching calls via Zoom where you receive the support and accountability that you need to ensure that you are working through the program to your fullest potential. You will also receive one 1:1 coaching call to address your more intimate questions.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Every Masterclass and Workshop is designed with a specific wellness concern in mind and put together through thorough research, experience, client needs.

There will be both paid and free workshops available throughout the year.

Shop online & in-person workshops.

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Integrative wellness coaching is offered to address the entirety of your wellness concerns. Whether you need to shift your mindset or improve your physical wellness, integrative coaching has you covered.

This client-led approach to wellness allows us to work together to create a plan and make changes that you are ready for.

I work right along your side with weekly group coaching calls, education, manageable lifestyle changes, individual goal setting, nutritional guidance, mind management, and more by utilizing my 4 step coaching protocol:

Acknowledge, Accept, Adjust, Accomplish

This coaching program includes monthly topics targeted toward improving your whole self to achieve maximum mental clarity and quality of life. In addition, there are weekly coaching calls that allow us to work together to ensure that you are reaching your personal wellness goals.

This is a low-cost month-to-month program where we assess your low points and your goals. There is no obligation to long-term commitment. This partnership requires you to be ready to work toward lasting changes.

Hand-Made Products

Tried & True!

You can shop at Earthly Essentials online for some of my formulated and personally used products! These blends are created with the “general” support concern in mind and all have a more mild dilution because, as you know, I believe in Less is More and building up to what works best for the individual!

Each blend is created with proper dilution and user safety in mind to offer the best support options without the safety risk. Since oils are highly concentrated, your concerns and safety are of utmost importance and every blend includes contraindication information and recommended daily use.

Every product is hand-crafted in small batches and never includes artificial ingredients.

***Note: Every blend can be adjusted and customized to better suit your individual needs! (consultation required)

Aromatherapy Consultations

Creating your perfect blend is extremely important to me!

In addition to the product line I’ve created based on research, I am proud to offer custom Whole Body Support Blends.

Aromatherapy consultations are offered with YOU in mind! Each custom blend will be tailored to your desired support, health history, and aroma preference.

As an Aromatherapist, my main goal is to assist in finding what works best for you. Each Aromatherapy Consultation is either via video or in person (if you are local) where we assess your health concerns in-depth and analyze how Aromatherapy can benefit you. You are presented with the option to purchase a custom-made product or receive an overview of recommended oils along with a recipe for your own personal formulation. All consultations include a follow-up video call.

*** Note: All clients will have a client contract & health history form to fill out to ensure safety & allow me to provide the best possible service to you***