Free Education

Education on essential oils and holistic health & wellness is the most important thing that I can offer you!

By following Earthly Essentials on Facebook, you have access to an incredible group of individuals who are focused on improving health and wellness with small changes. Here you have access to recipes, DIY formulas, Wellness live videos & group coaching sessions, Goal-oriented discussions, Challenges, and so much more!

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Hand-Made Products

Tried & True!

You can shop at Earthly Essentials online for some of my formulated and personally used products! These blends are created with the “general” support concern in mind and all have a more mild dilution because, as you know, I believe in Less is More and building up to what works best for the individual!

***Note: Every blend can be adjusted and customized to better suit your individual needs! (consultation required)

Aromatherapy Consultations

Creating your perfect blend is extremely important to me!

As an Aromatherapist, my main goal is to assist in finding what works best for you. Each Aromatherapy Consultation is a video where we assess your health concerns in-depth and see how Aromatherapy can benefit you. You are presented with the option to purchase a custom-made product or receive an overview of recommended oils along with a recipe for your own personal formulation. All consultations include a follow-up video call.

*** Note: All clients will have a client contract & health history form to fill out to ensure safety & allow me to provide the best possible service to you***

Holistic Wellness Coaching

I work right along your side with 1:1 calls, education, manageable lifestyle changes, individual goal setting, nutritional guidance, mind management, and more by utilizing my 4 step coaching protocol:

Acknowledge, Accept, Adjust, Achieve

This is a month-by-month program where we assess your medical history and goals. There is no obligation or long-term commitment. This partnership requires you to be ready to work toward lasting changes.

Together we CAN find the simple steps that work for you and create lasting changes and improve your wellness journey!

Energy Healing Consultations

Finding internal balance and living with positivity is very important!

It is my belief and experience that balancing vibrational frequencies aids in achieving optimal health & wellness. Dr. Edward Bach spent his life discovering the vibrational support properties of flowers and creating 38 flower remedies that aid in restoring balance; allowing the individual to “Heal Thyself”.

Each Energy Healing Consultation is a video call where we assess your mental and emotional health struggles and discuss how Dr. Bach’s methods and remedies may help bring you back to a state of mental balance and peace. You will have the option to purchase a blended remedy from me or receive an overview of our meeting and recommended flower remedies for your own purchase and formulation. All consultations include a follow-up call.

*** Note: All clients will have a client contract & health history form to fill out to ensure safety & allow me to provide the best possible service to you***

Free Clarity Call

Are you unsure about where to start or what tools & techniques to utilize when it comes to your holistic wellness & healing journey? Or maybe you aren’t sure which goals to set to begin untangling the unbalance you are experiencing.

This 30-minute clarity call or 30-minute goal-setting coaching call may be just what you need to jumpstart your wellness journey!

Masterclasses & Workshops

Every Masterclass and Workshop is designed with a specific wellness concern in mind and put together through thorough research, experience, client needs.

Shop online & in-person workshops.