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There is no escaping yourself

You have to live with yourself every minute of every day and so what you are speaking to yourself is highly influential. Your self-talk affects every aspect of yourself and your life. Yes, it’s true! The way you talk to yourself will have effects on your emotions, behaviors, motivation to reach your goals, and even your physical self.

What exactly is self-talk?

It isn’t talking to yourself out of intuition, nor is it your thought process in which we often talk to ourselves. Self-talk is different, it is literally how you talk to yourself. It is something that each of us does, sometimes regularly. Self-talk happens when you have these moments where you do something and, whether in your head or out loud, say things like: “Oh man, I cannot believe that I just did that” or “That was so stupid of me”. Even phrases similar to “I could never do that, I just don’t have the abilities.” And for those who are more goal-oriented, saying to yourself things such as “I’m just not doing enough, I could be doing so much more”. 

This negative self-talk is what we are here to talk about

This behavior is common for so many! It is common for many individuals to criticize themselves at certain times; maybe out of frustration, embarrassment, or self-consciousness… whatever it may be, this negative self-talk is damaging. To determine whether your self-talk is negative or positive, you have to analyze both the situation and the context of how you said things.

Not all self-talk is negative

The phrase: “I cannot believe that I just did that” could be either negative or positive. So you must ask yourself “How did that action make me feel and what was the context that I said that to myself in?” Did you laugh while thinking or saying it? Or did you cringe with embarrassment? The context of your words, even if they are in your head, is how you determine if you have positive or negative self-talk.

Negative self-talk needs to be changed

Your self-talk will either lift you up in every way, or it will hold you down and limit you in life. Negative self-talk is an unconscious limiting belief system that is happening. It limits you from more easily, if at all, having the motivation to achieve your goals. There becomes this self-doubt that is embedded within your brain that always keeps you from going the extra mile. And whether you realize it or not, self-talk such as “That was so stupid of me” creates a self-consciousness that begins to grow.

It is a process!

Changing your self-talk isn’t easy and you won’t see a complete change all at once. Talking to yourself in a positive way is something that you must train yourself to do again. This begins with self-awareness and paying attention to when you experience negative self-talk. You need to ask yourself things like: “Why am I thinking and feeling this way? What could I do differently to not feel this way?”. And with time and consistency, you will begin to see a shift in your mindset and the words that you are speaking to yourself. 

There is so much positive in positive self-talk!

  • Working stronger toward your goals
  • Achieving goals
  • Setting deeper more meaningful goals
  • Creates a positive relationship & love for yourself
  • Experience a deeper understanding of yourself and behavior
  • Ability to clearly see how to work through problematic situations
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Aids in positive mental health

You can achieve anything!

But it starts within yourself, and that begins with eliminating your negative self-talk. Why? Because when you eliminate negative self-talk, you eliminate that unconscious limiting belief system!

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Remember, you are your biggest advocate and changemaker on your wellness journey! I would love to work with you one on one or see you join Earthly Essentials ~ The Community and join in on our live coaching sessions, Wellness Wednesdays, and so much more on Holistic, yet Realistic, Health & Wellness.

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