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          Energy work is a holistic practice that is gaining popularity. It has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now making its comeback. It focuses on the aspect that everything, even humans, is controlled by a flow of energy. This energy should flow in a smooth pattern throughout the body. However, there is often a blockage that occurs when individuals do not practice self-care on a regular basis. [1] Other factors that influence an imbalance of energy come from outside forces, such as work, struggles, finances, poor relationships, and other stressors. Yet, in the same way that outside forces can negatively disrupt the balance of energy, energy work can work to restore balance and improve mental wellness.

The use of energy work to reduce stress and promote mental wellness.

           Energy work, such as Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki therapy, EFT Tapping, and Meditation, has been used for centuries to promote mental wellness and clarity. Despite there being few studies on energy work and mental wellness, evidence and those who utilize these practices have shown it to be true that balancing energy techniques can reduce mental illness as well as stress. With stress becoming a chronic disorder among the majority of Americans, the benefit of looking into alternative, holistic therapies such as energy work may aid in reducing stress and promoting healthier alternatives to positive mind management.

          Energy work helps the individual focus on what truly matters, rather than focusing on the distorted thoughts and feelings that manifest from the stresses caused by the outer person. During sessions or practices, an individual can overcome struggles and gain insight on how they can better improve their lives and health, which is a way to reduce stress. Individuals experience moments of clarity in which they can properly address struggles, develop solutions, manage stress, and gain peace.

Three Ways To Practice Energy Work For Stress Management:

  • Bach Flower Remedies harness the energetic flow from flowers and are utilized as a tincture form. Since every plant carries a different energetic vibration, there are a variety of Bach Remedies to address numerous feelings of stress and emotional imbalance.
  • Reiki Sessions aid in stress management and mental wellness because the sessions trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and promote deep relaxation and clarity. [2]
  • Meditation is another way to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, gain clarity, and reduce stress.

          It is important to discuss the utilization of energy work for stress management because chronic stress wreaks havoc on far too many individuals. The fact that the majority of the American population lives with daily stress means that we, as a society and health-conscious individuals, are not doing enough to aid in the whole health of our peers. These three options for managing stress offer natural, unique, and realistic ways to support your whole self daily.

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