Relax ~ Restful Sleep Massage Oil~ 2 oz.


Relax ~ Restful Sleep Massage Oil is an oil-based cream focused on promoting relaxing feelings that allow you to gain better quality rest & improved sleep.

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Relax ~ Restful Sleep Massage Oil is an oil-based formulation focused on promoting relaxing feelings that allow you to gain better quality rest & improved sleep.

This research-based blend of essential oils is created specifically to promote relaxation, balanced emotions, a reduction in stressful feelings, and aid in helping you achieve an improved quality of sleep.

Relax is the perfect addition to your arsenal of holistic products if you experience high levels of stress, out-of-control emotions, or struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is a wonderful addition to your nightly routine if diffusing essential oils is not an option.

With its balanced formula of carrier oils, your skin will benefit from a well-absorbing combination. This blend is formulated to leave your skin feeling soft & moisturized without leaving an oily residue behind.

Aroma Description: This product has floral top notes and is blended with some very earthy base notes. The top notes of this product can be detected much stronger than the earthy notes, which are less prevalent than in Calm.

*Note: some clients find this to be a lovely alternative to Calm based on the blended aromas.


Massage a small amount on your neck, face, or body while inhaling deeply. For optimal relaxation support, ensure that where you massage this butter is in a place where you can smell the blend well. Clients report that utilizing Relax in a foot massage before bed has provided them with an improvement in sleep quality.

Clients are experiencing anxiety support from this product from:

  • Depression
  • Daily Stressors
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Struggle to Fall Asleep

*Individual results vary


Almond Purnus dulcis Oil, Borage Seed Oil borago officinalis, Mango Butter mangifera indica, Lavender lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil, Vetiver vetiveria zizanioides Essential Oil, Himalayan Cedarwood cedrus deodara Essential Oil, Ho Wood cinnamomum camphora Essential Oil, Rhododendron rhododendron ferrugineum Essential Oil

  • 2-ounce amber glass dropper bottle
  • 4% therapeutic dilution ratio


  • In rare cases, may cause skin irritation

**Always test on a small area of skin before use. If irritation occurs, use vegetable oil to remove, not soap and water.


If you enjoy this product but would like to enhance its potency, schedule your Product Customization and schedule your appointment today!

If safety contraindications limit you from utilizing this product despite your interest, schedule your Product Customization to create a similar yet safer blend that fits for you!


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