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Making lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be hard! And you definitely don’t have to go at it alone!

Having an ally to walk alongside you as you improve your whole wellness and growth journey can make all the difference. Integrative wellness coaching with Earthly Essentials is dedicated to YOU!

My goal is to walk with you and empower you with the tools and knowledge for your wellness needs. Together, we can make lasting changes.

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Integrative wellness coaching is offered to address the entirety of your wellness concerns. Whether you need to shift your mindset or improve your physical wellness, integrative coaching has you covered.

This client-led approach to wellness allows us to work together to create a plan and make the changes that you are ready for.

I work right along your side with weekly group coaching calls, education, manageable lifestyle changes, individual goal setting, nutritional guidance, mind management, and more by utilizing my 4 step coaching protocol:

Acknowledge, Accept, Adjust, Accomplish

This coaching program includes monthly topics targeted toward improving your whole self to achieve maximum mental clarity and quality of life. In addition, there are weekly coaching calls that allow us to work together to ensure that you are reaching your personal wellness goals.

This is a low-cost month-to-month program where we assess your low points and your goals. There is no obligation to long-term commitment. This partnership requires you to be ready to work toward lasting changes.

You will gain insight on how to integrate complementary and alternative methods of healing into your daily routine to create a holistic, whole-person approach to health and wellness. Experience a greater level of wellness when you combine the best of both worlds. Let me help empower you to feel better and achieve an improved state of wellness.

This is not medical care and this is not therapy! Integrative wellness coaching with Earthly Essentials looks at all aspects of where you are, where you want to be, and how we can work together to get you there. Let me do the research, taking into account the medical side of your needs to ensure optimal safety throughout this journey.

This is your journey!

Integrative wellness coaching with Earthly Essentials is dedicated to YOU! Recommendations will be made when appropriate. Holistic tools and techniques will be offered or recommended when appropriate.

My goal is to walk with you and empower you with the tools and knowledge for your wellness needs. Together, we can make lasting changes.

Choose one month or 12… the choice is yours!


  • Cost: $50 per month. Invoices will be mailed by the last week of each month.
  • Duration: 2 weekly online coaching sessions.
  • Method: Zoom video chats plus an interactive Facebook page specifically for monthly coaching members. You will be sent an email with a link for easy access
  • You will have access to text, call, email, etc. for accountability and encouragement as desired. (During business hours)

Important note:

I have been asked often “Why are your coaching sessions so cheap?” My goal is simply to help you achieve the growth and wellness that you want! I do this by offering what services that I can at an affordable cost. I want to see each person be able to afford the improvement that they desire in life. If I am able to equip, empower, and cheer on individuals at a cost that works for them, that is my number one goal. With health insurance not covering CAM practices, I never want to see others miss out because of cost. This is your journey and you deserve affordable and reliable options!

When you order/ pay for your Integrative wellness session, you will be emailed within 24 hours with details about The growth circle facebook page and membership information.


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