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If you are a member of Earthly Essentials ~ The Community, mental health is a topic that we often address in our Saturday Coaching Sessions. If you are not a member, I encourage you to head on over to join in on many more in-depth topics of holistic health, wellness, and self-awareness & growth with a community of empowering individuals.

mental health

When addressing your wellness journey from a holistic standpoint, it is important to view the body as a working whole that requires balance. The basic categories discussed in holistic health are Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social. Each is equally important when it comes to maintaining the balance needed for optimal function. However, while each category should be viewed as a working whole, addressing each individually is how change happens.

Mental Health is an in-depth area of wellness

It can be broken down into so many topics: goal setting, stress management, positivity, gratitude, peace, mindfulness, self-talk, attitude, emotions, confidence, trauma healing, disorders, and so much more! 

The brain is extremely powerful. As a muscle, it can be strengthened and conditioned to believe and do anything. The important thing is that you remember to take everything in small steps. Small steps equal lasting changes. And when you take small steps toward your mental healing, the process is easier, less stressful, requires less drastic changes, and allows you to see the changes unfold without feeling overwhelmed or falling off the path of healing.

Your mind is where your motivation to take care of you comes from. It is like the saying goes: “If you put your mind to it, anything is possible” Your mind will either control how you prosper on your wellness journey or be the obstacle that keeps you from moving forward.

Mental health directly affects your entire self.

Have you ever experienced something so mentally heavy that you felt it in your body? I am sure that if you recall, this is something that you can give me an “oh yeah!” to. This happens because the entire body is connected and so when your mental side gets heavy with stress and emotions, your body compensates. However, with prolonged mental distress, the body begins to wear down as well. The mind directly affects your body.

In addition, mental health can create an overall downward spiral. When prolonged stress and depression set it, the mind alerts the body that there is a lack of motivation for movement. This immobility further exasperates the mental health depletion; a downward spiral indeed. However, this spiral can also be an upward one if mental health is strengthened. You will find yourself feeling better, thinking better, and doing better in all areas when mental health becomes a priority.

The mind influences the body in more than one way

The majority of chemicals and hormones that the body produces come from the mind. For instance, prolonged stress will cause a reduction in the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain. Not only does dopamine play a role in how a person regulates emotions and feelings of pleasure, but it also affects movement, digestion, pain processing, as well as heart and kidney function. This is just one example of many that show how mental health affects chemical production which, in turn, affects the physical body.

Mindset is everything

Mental health is the main component of healing. Although you may not be able to heal from your more serious health condition, your mindset is everything! Having a positive mindset throughout any health concern has been shown to reduce pain, aid in the body’s healing process, and promote a better quality of life.

Mindset allows you the ability to “see the bigger picture”, focus on setting achievable goals, motivating yourself to achieve better, and focus on positivity.

The most important thing to remember…

Consistency is key. Habits and change are not formed in just a few days. Your healing journey takes time. But with the desire to reach a better version of you, the knowledge that it will happen, and a great support system, you will find yourself on a beautiful and successful healing journey..

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Remember, you are your biggest advocate and change maker on your wellness journey! I would love to work with you one on one or see you join Earthly Essentials ~ The Community and join in on our live coaching sessions, Wellness Wednesdays, and so much more on Holistic, yet Realistic, Health & Wellness.

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