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The human body is a brilliantly fascinating mechanism. To fully understand the way it works would take far too long and a whole lot of scientific references. However, it is important, and simple, to understand that every system in the body has an effect on every other system in some unique way. So even though the body is broken down into different systems with different functions, they all act as a whole- obviously right? Often times, when one system is sluggish it will begin to affect other systems. This creates greater problems that can lead to long-term ailments. Therefore, it is crucial that you get to know your body.

When I think of holistic health the first thing that comes to mind is DETOX.

So many things clog our bodies; the things we eat, the things we wear, the air around us, and at times even our own skin. When thinking about beginning a more holistic lifestyle, we need to first think of cleaning our bodies before we can start to heal and prevent. Luckily, our body gives off many signs that something is not right inside, which is what we are going to look at. Particularly, our pits and their sweat.

Sweaty armpits

Sweat is a normal bodily function

I am sure you have heard that sweat is the body’s way of cooling itself. The truth is, everyone sweats and it is a normal bodily function. But somewhere along the line, in our culture, we have been misled on the idea, the desire not to sweat; to stop the body from sweating. Isn’t that why we buy deodorants and antiperspirants? We buy them to stop the odor and to reduce the sweating. The titles of these products say exactly that: de-odorant (no odor), anti-persir-ant (anti sweat).

However, sweat can tell you a lot more about your body than you think.

We all have a scent. No, I am not talking about the scent our pheromones give off, I’m talking about the odor of our sweaty pits. It is something inevitable, but that does not mean it is something that we should try to reduce or even stop. Our sweat is meant to have a mild odor. Anything strong or off-putting can lead us to knowledge about our body. First, understanding our diet is important. A person that eats more red meat will have a stronger odor. A strong sweat odor can also inform us of toxins in our body, which can lead us to believe we have a ‘clog’ somewhere inside. If you don’t believe me, eat something with a lot of garlic and see what you smell like when you sweat. Basically, our sweat gives off what we eat or toxins we carry.

So if you want an idea if your body could use some detoxing, after you shower avoid the deodorant for a bit and smell your pits.

What’s the problem with reducing our sweaty pits?

There are a couple of issues with the majority of store-bought deodorants and antiperspirants. First off, since our sweat gives us indications about toxins in our body because of its odor, then reducing or preventing sweaty armpits will block us from that knowledge. Also, the deodorants and anti-antiperspirants sold in stores are full of toxic materials themselves. These toxic materials clog our pores and the lymph nodes, are absorbed, and then get picked up and transported around the body in the lymphatic system. These toxins build up in the body and begin to wreak havoc on other body systems. However, we may not think about this because we cannot smell it from the reduction of sweating and those floral fragrances that we use to cover up our odor.

You can read more about what toxic materials are in many deodorants from Don’t Mess With Mama.

A bit about the Lymphatic System

This is part of the circulatory system and it moves lymph throughout the body. This makes it important to our immune system. There are many components to the lymphatic system and they all work to filter and circulate lymph. If our lymph becomes contaminated and congested it results in the contamination being moved throughout our body and into other systems as well as weakening our immune system.

Can you guess where one set of lymph node are? In the armpit area. Now maybe you are wondering what this has to do with your holistic health and sweat. It is really quite simple, these toxins can lead to a weakened immune system and since holistic health focuses on your Whole Health, finding healthy options for things such as deodorants is important.

What are some healthy and non-toxic options?

It is important to understand that we cannot just start using a healthier deodorant option, elimination needs to happen in order to cleanse the body. Ensuring proper elimination means we need to focus on a few specific organs: the liver, the urinary & bowel organs, the skin, the lymphatic system, and even the lungs. (Whole health!)

Holistic Health. Dry brush and detox bath

Ways to cleanse and detox:

  • Detox Baths- These will open your pores and allow your body to take in beneficial oils and excrete toxins.
  •         Dry Brushing- This will stimulate the muscles to get the lymph flowing
  •         Reflexology- This has been a proven method to stimulate the body. Many maps can be found              online.
  •         Liver Salt Scrub- Use essential oils that are beneficial to the liver (such as grapefruit or oregano).
  •         Drink a lot of water- We all know that water makes you pee more. So drink more to help flush              your system more.

KB Pure Essentials Deodorant

Non-toxic deodorants & alternatives:

  •         Homemade Deodorant– This is an option many aromatherapists choose to take.
  • KB Pure Essentials- For those not wishing to make their own product but are wanting something that is chemical free, all-natural, and works AMAZING! You really need only “a small amount”. Unlike many I have tried from amazon, these natural deodorants do not leave a heavy white residue nor ruin clothes. But believe me- THEY WORK! 

Interested in other simple ways to be healthy…click to read about 6 Health Boosts as well as 14 Holistic Health Essentials.

Keeping our body healthy is an important step for a long and happy journey. It is something that each of us should strive to better by taking small steps as we can. There are so many ways to benefit from living a more holistic lifestyle, simple ways even. And the amazing thing is that our body give us signals all of the time, insight into what is going on. All we have to do is listen (or smell). So I encourage each of you to get to Know Your Body and Smell Your Pits.

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