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Holistic health and integrative medicine is something that is becoming more widely talked about. These options offer additional health modalities along with modern medical care and are proving to be highly beneficial for overall health, wellness, and happiness. A holistic lifestyle encompasses much more than what modern medicine does. When you seek a more holistic lifestyle you are working toward improving your whole self. It is a process that focuses on achieving long-term health. This includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirituality (soul).

Living a more holistic lifestyle takes time and life-changing alterations. You must learn to be aware of your body, which is why I wanted to share this journey with you.

What is holistic health

My Holistic Health Journey

I have always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle when it came to the food I put into my body , as well as my family’s. That doesn’t mean everything was “clean eating”. I believe that splurging every now and again on family favorites keeps the soul happy. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that my holistic lifestyle began. In 2014 my husband was medically retired from the Army as a 100% disabled veteran.

For two years the care he received from the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital provided little to no relief. Test after test, therapy after therapy, he was still in pain. He was still physically sick, and his PTSD symptoms seemed unbearable for him. We quickly became tired of the numerous pills that he was told would help him. The worst part is, they did nothing positive for him. It was obvious that this was no way to live- for any of us.

Something had to change

I had used essential oils around the house on occasion as a safer alternative for candles. However, it was at this point that I turned to natural medicine. I enrolled in school in 2017 to further my knowledge in holistic health; beginning with aromatherapy. It was a loving obsession that quickly grew and I immediately turned my education into action in our household. After a few short months, my husband finally had some relief. Between topical rubs, diffuser blends, baths, reflexology, and more, he began to regain a life.

Holistic Lifestyle Tools

We saw a drastic decrease in his anxiety, and by the end of 2017 our family was able to go to a restaurant; something we hadn’t done in three years. I was able to create massage blends to help alleviate some of his pain and herbal teas quickly became his daily “medicine”. After one year, and with the okay from his doctor, he was able to reduce his dosages & eliminate some medication.

And so my passion for the life-changing benefits of a holistic lifestyle grew!

During my time as a student, I have sampled many oils from different companies through organoleptic testing as well as reviewing MS/GC reports and creating blends to test their efficiency. Aside from these tests, I have explored the numerous company backgrounds and missions. After about a year I finally decided to follow my passion and knowledge and lead a life of education and assistance with aromatherapy. A moment of thanks to the Mister who has been my guinea pig throughout these times.

DoTerra essential oils

Finding Your Holistic Lifestyle

I have spent the last year sharing our story and guiding others to find the holistic journey that fits their needs. Not just in support of those suffering from PTSD or health ailments, but also educating in preventative medicine for individuals, children, and families. I believe that there is something for everyone to gain from living a more holistic lifestyle. Although I do want to stress that holistic healing methods are NEVER an alternative to medical care for more serious health concerns. Holistic medicine should work in conjunction with medical care as a means to promote a healthier & happier lifestyle; hence why I focused my studies on integrative medicine.

holistic medicine

I take pride in knowing that I am able to properly educate and encourage others as well as give them the tools they need that best suit their family’s needs. It is my goal in life to answer any questions that you may have about how you can find your holistic journey and achieve the balance between body, mind, and soul that every person deserves.

What Can You Do To Live More Holistically?

First off, you should not jump into making changes all at once. Often times, many individuals find this too overwhelming and revert back into unhealthy patterns. Instead, take the time to understand yourself, your needs, and changes that you wish to make. Achieving better health and wellness takes time, patience, and discipline.

Simple Changes To Make Today!

  • Begin a health journal. Write down where you are now. What health concerns do you have? What changes in your body, mind, and emotions do you want to see? If you could reach a personal health goal what would it be? Every day, write about your food intake, your emotional states, and your activities. No matter how much you think it doesn’t need to be written down, Write It! At the end of your week take some time to review your journal and see where you need to make changes. Write it all down.
  • Small steps. Change starts small. Every week take one item that you want to see change in and do it. It could be as simple as waking up 5 minutes early, drinking one extra cup of water, or focusing on a positive mindset.
  • Start food swapping. The gut plays a large role in overall health; both mentally and physically. However, we are often accustom to dietary habits that have been formed over a lifetime. Again, making one small change every week or two leads to a large, lasting impact on health. Instead of reaching for a quick packaged snack, reach for a fruit or some nuts. Work towards cutting down on portions of meals and replace with extra vegetables.
  • Get moving. Make time for exercise. Begin with 5 minutes a day of simple stretches and work up to more time and more intense workouts. Movement allows the body to stretch, improve posture, and boost mood and energy.
  • Boost positivity. Begin each day with a positive thought. About yourself, about life, about your situation; what ever brings you stress or negativity, take it and turn it into a positive affirmation that you repeat throughout the day, especailly when you feel an imbalance of your emotional or mental state beginning.
  • Ignite your passion. Passion for something, anything will lead you to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. Passion about something drives the life force to achieve amazing things and promote happiness. When you follow your passion it brings back a meaning to life and aids in achieving whole health.

No matter where you are physically, mentally, or emotionally in life you do have the power to make changes and reach a happier and healthier you. Living more holistically does not have to be difficult if you focus on gaining a better understanding and making small steps towards lasting change.

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