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We all have some sort of medicine cabinet. Band-aids, Tylenol, Neosporin, and so on… these are the norms for most households. In fact, these were normal things that we kept in our home for so long. Until I journeyed into holistic health and living a cleaner life. I discovered that so many of the products we use for our health have long-term effects ON our health. Thus making them not-so-beneficial to our bodies or well-being. It was in this moment that I began swapping out our typical medicine cabinet products for more natural products. As time passed and knowledge grew, I created a custom, all-natural medicine cabinet to fit the needs of any family. Here are 14 Holistic Health Essentials Every Household Needs.

The information in this post should not replace the expert opinion of a medical professional. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment. Use of these holistic measures is based upon your own assessment & judgment. As always- SAFETY FIRST! Check the contraindications to ensure that the individual using a specific holistic health item is safe to do so.

Holistic Health Essentials You Should Always Have

Witch Hazel-

Witch Hazel holds many health properties. My personal favorite is to cleanse wounds. Since it has antimicrobial properties, I find it more beneficial that a saline solution. It has also been known to speed up the healing process of wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties make this spray soothing for diaper rashes, skin irritations, bug bites, and sunburns.

Aside from the numerous health properties, Witch Hazel is great for the skin. It helps tone and tighten skin, remove oil and dirt, reduce signs of aging, and combat against dark circles and eye puffiness. These astringent properties make if good for treating acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.


Whether you prefer the herb or the essential oil, Yarrow is a must to have on hand. It is highly astringent, meaning it absorbs toxic impurities. I use this on larger wounds. Its many properties help relieve pain, fight infection, and reduce inflammation & redness. It is also helpful in reducing scars. For this, you can utilize the herb by making a poultice or create a cold compress and use the essential oil.

Other benefits of Yarrow include it being preventative against uric acid build-up and help prevent and relieve gout & arthritis. It also acts a a fever reducer since it helps to expel toxins from the body and helps increase perspiration.


KB Pure Essentials CBD

Knowledge and use of CBD has been on the rise over the last few years. It has so many health properties and comes in numerous forms. We keep on hand CBD that can be taken orally & topically because each method has its own benefits. CBD works against anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and other things when taken orally. When used topically it is wonderful for joint and muscle pain, reduces swelling & inflammation, and provides relief from headaches & migraines.

*You may enjoy How CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Life where you can learn all about how it has made a big change in the holistic health world.

Coconut Oil-

This is my favorite base oil to have on hand for blending essential oils. It is extremely versatile and absorbs well into the skin and hair. Therefore it is perfect to have on hand for when an unexpected need to use essential oils topically arises. It is extremely beneficial for skin irritations, redness, and issues like contact dermatitis and eczema due to its antioxidant properties. Coconut oil contains vitamin E which makes it beneficial for burns and reducing scarring. Coconut oil is a holistic health power source!

Aloe Vera-

Aloe Vera Plant

This can be kept on hand in two ways: you can purchase the gel or you can keep a plant. Either way, you should have this holistic health medicine on hand. Aloe helps speed up the process of wound healing. It provides a cooling sensation for burns & sunburns. It high extremely safe and is topically great for children. Some studies have even shown that Aloe Vera provides relief for arthritis and aching joints.

Epsom Salt-

Every household should have Epsom salt on hand, especially when the flu season comes around. In a bath, Epsom salt helps pull toxins from the body and reduce fevers. It is not only relaxing after a stressful day, but it is relaxing when a fever hits and provides relief for children. This detox bath will reduce the aching body.


Raw Honey is the perfect additive to tea because it is full of antioxidants. This makes it beneficial for battling the common cold and throat infections. Honey is a quick way to give the immune system a boost. It can also be used as a base for syrup mixes which also help fight infection and the flu. In tea, honey is extremely soothing to the stomach and acts as a sedative. Because of this, it is relaxing and helpful for a better night’s sleep.


Holistic Health Tea

Tea is a staple medicine for holistic health. There are so many different types, each with their own unique set of benefits. What I like about tea is that it is the safer option for ingestion, especially when it comes to children. It works wonders for preventative medicine as well and can be added to one’s daily diet. To sweeten, it is recommended to use quality Raw Honey.


Not only is peppermint tea delicious in flavor, but it is also beneficial to keep this on hand. It aids in immune strength, improves stomach health (including reducing nausea & vomiting), and it is a battle tool against respiratory issues. My favorite though, peppermint aids in the natural reduction of fevers because it combats the problems from the inside instead of acting as a suppressant like over-the-counter medications.


Cinnamon tea is great for preventative medicine. It has numerous health properties and is great to add to the daily diet before flu season hits as well as throughout it. Cinnamon is a big immune system booster. Add to this the fact that it is a wonderful aid to digestion and since it is anti-inflammatory it helps reduce those aches and pains that come around with the flu.


To be honest, this one is not a favorite when it comes to flavor. However, it is essential to have on hand in the holistic health “medicine” cabinet. It is an excellent sleep aid since it is relaxing on the nerves and body. Chamomile helps relieve cold symptoms, nausea, and is known to be anti-inflammatory. It is great after a nice detox bath to really act as a relaxant.


To start, lemon is on the alkaline side of the pH scale. This is important to note because the body should be slightly on the alkaline side in order to be at its healthiest and fight against germs & bacteria. So it is safe to say, thanks to numerous studies, that lemons are beneficial to the immune system. Lemon tea: is detoxifying, fights against colds & the flu, benefits gut health & digestion, and fights bacterial and viral infections. My favorite use for this tea, however, is during the onset of a sore throat. Beware: it will sting. But combined with honey, lemon tea will ultimately fight any bacteria or infection of the throat.

Essential Oils-


Lavendula angustifolia is like a miracle oil. It is used for so many things. So why do I say that this needs to be in your Holistic Health essential kit? For starters it is affordable. It is powerful in healing burns & aiding in burn pain. I could detail this essential oil all day, so I will do a quick list. Lavender is: relaxing and a great sleep enhancer, repels bugs (mosquitoes) who may carry the flu virus, soothes bug bites, fights respiratory disorders, aids digestion, soothes rashes, soothes sunburns… and so much more! Plus, it is gentle enough for most children.


Eucalyptus radiata aids as a decongestant and is great to use in a salve and rubbed on the chest and back. Typically I use this salve in every way that I would utilize a store-bought vapor rub. It can also be used in a diffuser to help with respiratory congestion. Rosemary is also beneficial and soothing against stomach cramps, constipation, and muscle cramps.


Mentha X Piperita is another affordable essential oil that is very beneficial. My favorite use for this oil is against headaches. When diluted and rubbed on the temples, base of the back side of the skull, and the reflexology points for the head Peppermint essential oil works wonders. It also works to fight common colds and respiratory issues so it is an added benefit in the diffuser. This essential oil is also known to aid in stomach issues such as nausea.

Read more about safe essential oil usage.

Again, these holistic health remedies are not a cure-all and should never replace medical care, especially in serious situations. However, there are natural medicines all around us. Every household would benefit greatly from keeping these 14 items on hand. However, it is important to check the contraindications for each item to ensure safe and proper use! These are just some of what helps me Beat The Flu Quickly With No Medication.

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14 Holistic Health Essentials

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  1. This is awesome and so convenient. So nice of you to craft a guide that explains the importance of each. I’ve personally used Witch Hazel and Epsom Salt to relieve complications from pregnancy.

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