General Facts & Questions About Earthly Essentials

All blends by Earthly Essentials are properly labeled & provide (online) any safety & usage information.

**By purchasing and using blends from Earthly Essentials you are assuming responsibility of use.

Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

Highly volatile aromatic substances that are distilled or cold pressed from many parts of plants. Each plant produces an oil that has natural chemical components which can be used in therapeutic ways to provide support to our body & mind.

How Can Essential Oils Help Me?

Essential oils can support the whole body due to their therapeutic properties. Although not regulated by the FDA, studies have been conducted that show essential oils do aid the body and mind in positive ways.

Essential oils are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any ailment or illness. The use of essential oils is based on scientific recommendations and the individuals consent.

Can Essential Oils Be Toxic?

Since essential oils are highly concentrated, they can pose certain risks. Care should be taken with certain oils due to photosensitivity, the potential for skin irritation, and over toxicity. Certain oils should only be used for a specific duration while others have a recommended daily dosage and dilution percentages to prevent over toxicity. Some oils are contraindicated if certain health conditions are present. Not all oils are safe to take internally. Many oils have age and pregnancy guidelines. Always read the contraindications and skin patch test before use. Consultation with an Aromatherapist is recommended.

**Earthly Essentials believes in “Less is More” and formulates blends with the lowest possible dilution ratio. Dilution can be increased upon request, experience, & trial.

How Can I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be used Aromatically, Topically, & Internally. Although Earthly Essentials does not promote the use of oils being taken internally.

Aromatically- diffusers, diffuser necklaces & bracelets, inhalers, sprays, steam inhalation.

Topically- salves, creams, massage oils, roller blends, serums, ointment.

Are Essential Oils Safe For Children?

Yes and No! Some oils should never be used on children. Children should also never be given essential oils to take internally. Since children’s skin is more sensitive, dilution ratios should never exceed 2%, with the exception of certain oils whose recommended dilution should be less.

Consultation with an Aromatherapist is recommended.

Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Yes and No! Some oils should never be used on or around pets. Cats, especially, are more sensitive to essential oils and most essential oils are contraindicated for use around them. Cat’s livers cannot properly break down the natural chemical constituents of essential oils. This is known to result in liver damage and, in severe cases, death.

Consultation with an Aromatherapist is recommended.

Which Essential Oils Does Earthly Essentials Use?

Most blends are formulated with Eden’s Garden, Nature’s Gift, & Stillpoint Aromatics essential oils.. On some occasions, essential oils from other companies are used. Earthly Essentials is proud to use only the highest quality essential oils for blends. All essential oils come from highly reputable sources that are transparent with their customers about quality, farming practices, and sustainability.

How Does Earthly Essentials Determine Which Oils To Use?

As a Master Aromatherapist, Nicole from Earthly Essentials uses her education from the American College of Healthcare Sciences as well as research techniques gained to source quality ingredients and formulate a variety of blends appropriate for each individual.

Since there are a large variety of essential oils that support the body, finding the best combination of oils by working directly with the individual is recommended. Essential oils are not a “One Size Fits All”

What Is A Skin Patch Test?

A skin patch test is a way to test for irritation or sensitivity to an essential oil or blend before first-time use.

This should be conducted with each new topical blend and should never be done with an undiluted essential oil.

  1. Place blend, or diluted essential oil, on the inner arm at the crease (crook).
  2. Place a band-aid over oil to avoid exposure to water/ liquids
  3. Wait 24- 48 hours to observe if any adverse reaction occurs

Safety should always be taken into consideration when using essential oils.

What Should I Do If Irritation Occurs?

If irritation should occur, “rinse” with milk or a base oil (such as coconut). Another method is to soak a cotton ball in milk or base oil and gently rub the irritated area.

Water should never be used as it can potentially cause further irritation.

Irritation indicated 1 of 2 things:

  1. The dilution percentage was too high for your body’s tolerance
  2. You had an immune response and 1 or more of the oils should not be used


How Are Products Formulated?

All products are hand formulated in small batches with high quality ingrediants. Nicole of Earthly Essentials extensively researches and formulates each product thoroughly and tests each batch. Every product used is formulated will non-toxic products. No synthetics additives are included in any product! Products requiring preservation or emulsification will use quality, non-toxic ingredients.

When available, glass containers are used and only extremely rare cases require plastic.

What Safety Precautions Are Considered With Product Formulation?

Proper dilution is used with the “Less is More” mentality in mind. All bottles are new and sterilized properly. Measuring utensils are all sterilized and cross-contamination between base oils or products is highly prevented.

How Does Shipping Work After Purchase?

United States Postal Service is used for all shipping. All orders are placed as “Standard Shipping” and usually experience a 3-7 day time frame. A tracking number is always provided once an item ships. Based on previous shipping costs with products, Earthly Essentials adds a $3.00 shipping charge per item.

What is the refund policy?

At this time, refunds will not be offered. All products have a complete description along with cautions, contraindications, usage recommendations, and general information. Each product is based on general usage.

As described in product descriptions, not all blends fit everyone. Success is based on the unique individual and consultations are encouraged.