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I am sure by now you have come across the hype of CBD oil. And while some are still skeptical of using a marijuana-based product, I am here to tell you that all of that hype is for a very good reason. CBD oil is beginning to be more accepted and used as an addition to modern medicine, and the health benefits are unlike any other. From my personal experience and the experience of those closest to me, I have become a HUGE advocate for using CBD daily. Whether it be to help achieve better health, utilize it as a preventative measure, or to relieve symptoms of certain ailments there is something that every individual can gain from using CBD oil. In this post, we will discuss many things about this incredible product but most importantly how CBD oil can benefit your life.

My Personal CBD Journey

I want to start here because, in order for me to advocate for something to you, I would like you to understand just how near-and-dear this is to my heart and the health of those closest to me. It began four years ago, almost to the day. My husband was being medically retired from the Army due to injuries sustained during his service. We immediately got set up at our local Veteran’s Administration in order to get him the care he needed. However, that hope was quickly stepped all over.

The number of prescription pills that my husband was instructed to take was something that we couldn’t believe. To make it worse, they were not helping him sleep nor were they helping him stomach food. His pain was so severe and there was nothing being done. About one year after he was retired, we heard about CBD oil on a documentary series called “Weed”. We were already familiar with medical marijuana and the benefits others were receiving from that was incredible. However, this was not an option due to the THC; my husband still aspired to become a police officer.

During one episode we learned about CBD and how it was acting as this miracle medicine for a little girl named Charlotte.

We had hope!

Maybe this could benefit my husband as well. So we started experimenting. I say experimenting because there is no dosage, no prescription, and no guidance as to how to use it. We had him try numerous brands and different levels of potency. It was a long road and one that we are still figuring out, but CBD oil brought life back to my husband. It reduced his sciatic pain dramatically and almost instantly (once we found a reputable company), he wasn’t constantly nauseous and was eating more. My husband’s panic attacks were lessened along with the constant trembles he had, he was able to sleep better, and with the guidance of his doctors, he went from 7 medications a day to only 3 lower dosage prescriptions.

Most importantly, CBD oil gave us back our family.

The benefits were so unbelievably incredible that we began recommending it to family and friends. Some of which had their own life-altering health issues. They too were able to regain their lives back and find happiness and better health. Some of them going months without being back in a hospital (when a weekly visit had become normal). Others stating that their pain was gone instantly and they no longer needed to take pain medication. And me– despite not having any major health concerns I decided to take a small dosage twice a day as a preventative measure. My life has since improved; I am no longer fatigued like I once was and those body aches that I chalked up to ‘getting old’ are a thing of the past.

I stand behind CBD oil 100%

However, it is NOT an alternative!

Like any holistic medicine or health ‘alternative’, CBD is never to be used in place of medicine or medical care unless it is deemed effective and safe to reduce typical medical treatment. These decisions should always be made with a medical practitioner. As someone aspiring to be a holistic health consultant, I highly encourage people to seek the advice and recommendation of a holistic practitioner.

I fully believe that there are God-given things in this word that will help us heal and live a more healthy lifestyle. Given my experience with CBD, I believe that in time there is a possibility that modern medical treatment will be able to be reduced. However, this is a process and does not promise cures or miracles. There is still so much to be learned about this new holistic medicine. So for the time being, CBD oil should be used together with a medical practitioner and prescribed modern medicine.

So what is CBD oil exactly?

CBD is one of the many compounds found in a marijuana plant. The most widely-known compound is THC, the compound that is psychoactive and produces the ‘high’ that people experience. However, there is much more than these compounds in marijuana. The plant also carries numerous minerals, vitamins, and terpenes. For the sake of this, we will talk about the two main compounds so that you can see where CBD falls into categorically.

marijuana compound break down

As you can see, CBD is in a separate category than THC. This is what makes CBD non-psychoactive (unlike THC). CBD (cannabidiol) is one of approximately 113 known cannabinoid compounds found in a marijuana plant. It is the most commonly known cannabinoid, although others are slowly being studied (like cannabinol). Although all cannabinoids have many things in common, they also slightly differ. There are so many articles you can find online that get into detail about the science part of CBD and marijuana if you are interested.

However, my point was to give you a basic overview instead of overwhelming you.

That is because to discover what type of CBD will best fit and work for you, I wanted to discuss the basic overview of where CBD landed on the ‘marijuana spectrum’. This leads me to a very important part of our discussion…

It is important to find a reputable company!

As we talked about before, CBD has been a part of our life for years now. It has been a trial and error journey as we tried different brands. Of course, some were better than others and for a long time I didn’t understand why. Over time, and with the understanding of CBD and the ‘marijuana spectrum’ I have learned that not all CBD is the same and not all companies are as open as they should be about their products.

There are two ways that CBD is sold, even if this is not always disclosed. CBD Isolate & Whole Plant Extraction.

KB Pure Essentials CBD oil

  • CBD Isolate- This type of CBD has had every other compound, mineral, vitamin, and terpene removed. It is purely cannabidiol. This is not a bad thing, it just depends on the person as well as their preferences and needs.
  • Whole Plant Extracted CBD- Although this is labeled as CBD, it contains all of the cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes. Although this says ‘whole plant extraction’, this pertains to everything except for THC (that is excluded).

From my experience, I have found that whole plant extraction CBD has provided me and my husband more benefits. This is why I believe that, for me, some CBD oil worked while others “didn’t”.

My personal favorite- KB Pure Essentials. They make a good quality CBD oil in organic Olive Oil and flavored with Peppermint essential oil. Not only does it taste better than most I have tried, but it also has withstood all of my expectations in a CBD oil. They also offer both Whole Plant Extraction & Isolate. 

Another amazing CBD company is Lazarus Naturals. They third patry test all of the CBD batches to ensure quality and have a wide variety of flavored and non-flavored CBD products. They also offer a 60% discount to disabled individuals and veterans.

Benefits of using quality CBD oil…

There are numerous health benefits that all cannabinoids offer. For instance, CBN holds more relaxing or sedating effects than CBD does. Which is why I recommend whole plant extracted CBD oil. This makes it beneficial for helping those suffering from insomnia. However, CBD is still fairly new when it comes to being researched and all of its benefits are still being studied.

CBD, on the hand, has been studied for many years. It is the most commonly known cannabinoid and its benefits are being further studied aside from what researchers have already discovered.

CBD oil can:

  • Help relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression (making it great for helping those with PTSD)
  • Relieve symptoms experienced by cancer patients
  • Successfully reduce cancer in some individuals
  • Relieve nausea & reduce vomiting
  • Be effective against seizures and other neurological disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory- reduces acne, pain, swelling, and more
  • Used to reduce cramping and pain from menstrual cycle
  • Greatly reduce headaches & migraines
  • Reduces symptoms of gout

There are many potential benefits that are currently being studied.

  • Diabetes management & prevention
  • Reduction of schizophrenia symptoms
  • Anti-tumor abilities
  • Benefits of improving heart health

How has CBD oil benefited me?

CBD oil combined with Essential Oils

CBD oil has done so many things for my life and the life of friends and family of mine. For those who have been using it, they have reported gaining a happier and healthier lifestyle. Some successful benefits I want to note that have been experienced personally or by those close to me are:

  • Headache relief without the use of ibuprofen
  • Menstrual cramp relief without over the counter medication
  • Liver rejuvenation and a reduction of fluid retention
  • Drastic reduction in PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, trembles, nightmares
  • Pain management
  • Daily preventative measures
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Improvement in sleep

What can CBD oil do for YOU?

As I have stated throughout this post, CBD oil is a must and can provide so many benefits in your life! We have discussed many of the proven health benefits of this oil along with some benefits that others have reported and things that are currently being studied. If you have taken the time to read this post then you are either familiar with CBD or wanting to learn how it can benefit you and how to use it. If you are wanting to learn more or have questions, I encourage you to reach out!

Utilizing CBD oil can change your life. I whole-heartedly believe this! Whether there are specific health ailments you wish to find relief from or you simply want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle- CBD oil is a holistic medicine that you should consider. It is legal in all states since it contains no THC (although some states will sell products that contain both).

KB Pure Essentials CBD oil

There are numerous ways to use CBD oil.

It can be taken internally or used topically, depending on the reason for use. CBD oil can be given to pets, especially older pets suffering from joint pain or illness. It can be combined in an Aromatherapy massage blend to enhance the benefits.

  • Use a CBD salve for massaging aching or painful joints, abdomen to reduce cramps, or in a facial blend to reduce acne
  • Take internally to benefit organ health, reduce anxiety, promote sleep
  • Add to a massage blend with essential oils to optimize specific health benefits
  • Combine with a carrier oil & peppermint oil to use for a headache and migraine massage
  • Combine 5 drops with warm water, 1/2 juice of lemon and take twice a day to benefit overall health

Let’s Chat…

If you have questions about CBD, how to use it, or just want to chat more about this amazing holistic health tool, feel free to comment or email. One of my goals is to help as many people achieve better health, wellness, and happiness as possible. CBD oil is something that I firmly stand behind, especially for pain relief, and it will be something that I will be using for a very long time.

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    1. Malika, I am glad you found this helpful. If you have any more questions please reach out! I would love to help.

  1. Wow, this is a lot of great information. I am going to save this post to refer back to. I am a massage therapist and I know plenty of therapist and clients who rave about CBD oil. I have never tried it, but I am intrigued.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it Des. CBD really is a miracle tool and there are so many ways it can be used! I am sure, with consent, you could add some to a massage blend for those clients who enjoy using it. I add it to massage blends of all kind for our family.

  2. I have a 19 year old dog with bad hips. We use CBD oil to help relieve pain and make her more comfortable. It works wonders for her, and we don’t have to keep her drugged up on narcotics.

    1. That is great to hear Richie. Our dog suffers from joint pain and mobility problems. Well, he did. CBD worked better than anything else ever did.

  3. Lovely story, I like how a simple product like CBD oil has made such a difference to your husband’s health. I think we can now buy it legally in the UK too without having to drive to Amsterdam every time ?

  4. I’m so happy that this is helping your husband and friends, and that your husband has been getting back to his old self – it’s such a wonderful thing when you find something that works so perfectly for your illnesses. Good luck to you both!

    Beka |

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