I’m Nicole!

Life-Lovely-ChaosFor numerous years, essential oils & holistic health have played a major role in not just my life, but in the life of my husband and children. Due to the effectiveness of the many natural methods of achieving whole health, I have spent many years of my life gaining a meaningful education in Aromatherapy in order to better educate others about the life-changing benefits of  essential oils.

My journey with essential oils began in 2015 as a hobby and a way of adding a pleasant aroma within our home. However, my love for their medicinal properties quickly grew along with my knowledge.

In 2014, my husband was medically retired from the Army. As a disabled Veteran, he received treatment at our local Veteran’s Administration. Needless to say, the amount of effective care he received was little to none. We became desperate as pill after pill was pushed on him, and nothing was helping his ailments or pain. I was desperate, and by the end of 2015 I began self-educating on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 

I decided to pursue an education in Holistic Health in 2017 where I began the focus of education on Aromatherapy. The benefits from oils that I was able to use on my husband were indeed life-changing! My children and I also received many benefits from using oils in our daily life. After approximately a year and a half, I achieved my Diploma in Aromatherapy and felt confident to extend my knowledge and advice to others who were interested in Essential Oils.  

I have used many essential oils over the years and personally use Eden’s Garden on account of their quality and transparency, as well as many other factors. These are the majority of the oils that I use in my hand-crafted blends and products. I am happy to offer my clients a wide variety of blends and homemade products that focus on Whole Body Support with proper safety and each individual in mind!  

My Goal:

My main goal is to empower individuals to achieve improved health & happiness through Holistic, yet REALISTIC, tools & techniques.

I firmly believe that through the right holistic tools, knowledge, and support the body will flourish to its full potential.

As we grow this wonderful community, I encourage you to reach out with your wellness concerns so that together we can reach a healthier & happier you!


Diploma of Aromatherapy– American College of Healthcare Sciences, 2018

Certificate in Natural Skincare Manufacturing– American College of Healthcare Sciences, 2018

BA in Integrative Medicine Sciences– American College of Healthcare Sciences, 2021

MS in Integrative Sciences: Aromatherapy– Current