Healthy Minds is a Youth Mental Health Movement that originated in the White Mountains, Arizona.

Society is witnessing a rise in mental health disorders among our youth. The CDC reports that 27.1% of children have been diagnosed with once of the most common mental health disorders (ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems). That’s 16.9 American children! Even more concerning is that there are numerous more children out there suffering from an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Despite this being a growing health trend, there are ways to make a shift in youth mental health.

The Time For Change Is Now!

Our youth need our help! As business owners, parents, educators, health advocates & providers, community members, & human beings… We need to stand up and fight for our youth. We need to provide the guidance to help our kids become self-aware of what they are experiencing and equip them with the tools they need to improve their health & happiness.

You Have Options!

The main philosophy of the Healthy Minds Movement is to highlight that You Have Options! No child or parent should feel alone or hopeless in their journey to improving youth mental health. And while there are many options that western medicine provides, there are so many more healing, coping, and management options that are often not utilized or understood.

Earthly Essentials is on a mission to help parents explore these options and develop a roadmap to healthier coping mechanisms for mental health which leads to improved health and happiness for our youth!

This Is An Emerging Movement…

All great things take time and as this empowering journey continues, you will begin to see & have access to dozens of supportive holistic options.

A Big THANK YOU to the sponsors on our mountain who share a passion for supporting the improvement of our youth’s mental wellness!